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The O.C FanFiction Recommendations

You won't get in trouble here!

The O.C Fiction Recommdendations
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Welcome to theoc_recs!

This community was created as a place where fans, fic readers and fic writers in the O.C fandom can come together and recommend each other's fics. After the closing down of the TWoP fanfic recommendation thread, it seemed only right to create a community where we wouldn't be chastened for doing something we love.

TAGS can be found here

A Few Rules

  1. There aren't a lot of rules. If you think it's a good fic, rec it. We don't endorse the quality of the stories rec'd. Basic grammar and spelling are nice though.

  2. Pimping your own fic is allowed. It was allowed on the TWoP thread and will be allowed here. But, there should be no discussion about the fic in this community! Authors: Make sure you link the cut to the original source, whether it's your own journal, theoc_fiction, ff.net, or some other website.

  3. PLEASE TAG all fics! Include both character and/or pairing and genre, if appropriate. This keeps everything organized and makes it easier for everyone to find fics.

  4. This is not a community for icons, episode discussion, OMG BEN MCKENZIE!!11! or the such. Fics recs only.

  5. Have fun! There is so much amazing fic out there and it deserves to be recognized. Pimp the fics you like and be honored when someone else pimps you. Pimp and be pimped!

  6. If you're looking for a particular fic and can't find it here, try asking about it at oc_fic_finders

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