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OC Rec Challenge #7

I forgot to do it last time. Oops.

Rec us your favourite story set in S3.

If you can't think of it right now, please come back. You have 2 weeks, remember!
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One of my absolute favorites is muchtvs's WIP, Discovering:
As beta, I thought it was my duty to pimp "Discovering," so thanks to mirella for doing so.

I'll start with another two I did beta for then, both for muchtvs:

"Drunk! Kiki"

"Hood Ornament!Ryan or How Ryan Almost Dies Buying Seth A Cup Of Coffee"

Then there's "Awake", also by muchtvs:

By chaseii: "Everyone Needs"
"My Son Too"

By helen_c: "Journey Around the Sun"
"Twelve Things that Never Happened to Ryan Atwood, 8 (Anger Management 101)"
"Twelve Things that Never Happened to Ryan Atwood, 9 a, b, and c" (An Atwood Chrismukkah)
"Twelve Things that Never Happened to Ryan Atwood,10" (starts in S3)

By yessi-5: "Counting the Days"

And that's a lot- considering my hatred for S3. I guess that shows just how amazing our writers are- and how much better than certain "professionals."
I really enjoyed "This is your life" by erynnbeth

And one of my absolute favorites, but I don't know if it counts for season 3 is
"Dear Ryan" by ChaseII
(Kirsten is in Suriak and Trey is shot, so I think it is season 3)
The following four fics were all written by Jambled over at

"Black Ink" - Kirsten and Ryan conversation post Suriak.

"Conversations in the Dark" - Kirsten and Sandy angst. A different take of 3.24: The Man Of The Year.

"After the Fall" - Ryan in the immediate aftermath of 3.25: The Graduates.

"Kirsten's College Try" - From Kirsten's POV as her boys go to visit their respective chosen colleges.

By Britgirl2003, there's the following three fics:

"Tears" - Cohens+1 immediately after Marissa's death.

"Home" - Kirsten and Seth spending a little time together at Chrismukkah.

"Don't Follow In My Footsteps" Also Kirsten/Seth. Kirsten discovers that Seth has been smoking pot and confronts him about it.

There's also a bit of Sandy and Kirsten Chrismukkah fluff and a Julie/Kirsten fic set during the Game Plan which I enjoyed over at

The following two were written by Anna, aka Ansy Pansy at

"The Long Way Home" - A Kirsten and Seth conversation post their 'date' to the AA meeting.

"Heart Of Glass" - Kirsten and Sandy in 3.22, a different version of the hospital benefit scene. Love the angst, I do!

Finally, there's also the following one-shot "Wild World" by SandyKirsten over at which I also enjoyed. - Kirsten and Sandy in 3.24.

I think that's enough procrastinating for now. :)