can't think of a name (ctoan) wrote in theoc_recs,
can't think of a name

OC Rec Challenge #3

Rec us your favourite Seth story.

Challenge rec tip: Track this post, so when people rec the stories, you'll know there are new recs. And the challenge lasts for 2 weeks, so if you can't think of one right now, don't forget to come back later!
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I like very much these two, which kind of belong together.
They are from famous99:
I'm going to rec Windex by muchtvs. I love this story.
I always adored Seth in this one - adorkable and slightly neurotic - Blame the Shirt by shelbecat.
Kind of a random one for me (as it's slash, amongst other things, that don't normally float my boat) but I think I'd have to do with this one over at've lost track of the number of times I've re-read it now xx